The Marathon Mortgage Story


It all started during the Summer of 1996 - on the beach at Avalon. Bob Rubin, the founder of Marathon Mortgage had come to the realization he needed a change. After 7 incredibly successful years managing eight locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey for Meridian Mortgage he decided that it was time to leave. Meridian had undertaken a major downsizing effort to prepare itself to be purchased. Bob would be responsible for dismantling the organization that he had painstakingly grown to the number #1 position in most of its markets, both in production and customer service.

So sitting on the beach on a sunny day with a pen and a yellow pad, Bob decided that he would start his own company... and Marathon Mortgage was born. The goal of the company would be to give an incredible level of personal service to each and every person. The company would act in the best interest of the client and try to make their mortgage experience so much better than they could ever have expected. Clients would be met in a warm, friendly atmosphere and be counseled through the process.

November 3, 1996 was the first day Marathon Mortgage opened its doors to customers. Since that day, a truly unique company has evolved - one that is focused on the clients' financial and emotional needs during a stressful - yet exciting - time of their lives. We have measured our success by making our clients so happy with the experience of dealing with Marathon Mortgage that they can’t wait to tell their friends about us. Our biggest thrill is for a person to call us and tell us that they were referred by an extremely happy client.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2017. It’s been 21 years since we opened our doors. Over the years we have closed nearly $1.7 billion in residential mortgages for our friends and neighbors. And we are proud to say that our focus has not changed. After each settlement we send out a survey and have been doing so for all 21 years. There is a question which asks, "Would you recommend Marathon Mortgage to a friend"? Our response has been 100% positive. In 21 years, not one person has ever said that they would not recommend us. Our clients appreciate our level of service, our honesty, integrity, and professionalism....and keep coming back for more.